How to Access YouTube Gaming Channel from Germany

Last week Google launched what looks like is going to be a very exciting concept – YouTube Gaming, well when I say launched it’s currently only completely accessible from two locations – although this will obviously change over the next few months. It’s available from the web page and applications running under iOS and Android, although these applications are only available in UK and USA initially.

YouTube Gaming is Google’s rival to the game streaming platform Twitch which Amazon paid a small fortune for last year. Google had been in the running for Twitch so were obviously going to launch something similar. They decided to integrate live game streaming directly into their hugely popular video sharing site – YouTube. Which of course definitely makes sense!

However there is a big problem if you’re based in Germany and want to access the YouTube gaming channel, it’s effectively blocked. Due to a long standing legal dispute between Google and GEMA (Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs), the organisation that pay royalties to performers – you simply can’t access this from Germany. Most German users will not be completely surprised as the dispute means that thousands of videos are also blocked from German computers and devices.


Until the dispute is concluded it’s likely that German users will be blocked from many of the Video giants content, including the Live Game Streaming platform.  It’s another reason why VPN switching services have become such an essential tool, all the big media companies are restricting, blocking and filtering access based on your location with increasing frequency.  Most of the time it’s down to making money of course, companies don’t like the way the internet creates a global market price – to maximise profits you need to charge different amounts based on the ability to pay.

So German users will simply need to invest in some software that allows them to buy a new ip address. here’s a video demonstration in action.

As you can see the software allows you to switch address at will, simply click a button to change your location.

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