Watching TV3 From Outside Ireland

TV3 is an irish broadcaster with quite a significant online presence, with much of their programmes rebroadcast over the web using it’s media player 3Player. However some people may stumble across this page looking for another channel as there are TV3 Channels in many different countries including New Zealand and across Asia, the information here though will be applicable to these other stations too.

My favorite programme at the moment is called Whiskey Business, it’s about two brothers who are trying to set up the first new Whiskey distillery in Ireland for 125 years. It’s a great programme and you cans till catch it on TV3 for a few weeks, if you can get access. Of course, with most of these online broadcasters it’s a matter of being able to watch them from outside their home country, TV3 and 3 Player is no exception – anyone outside Ireland will get the following message.


When you connect to the 3Player website, it checks your IP address and looks up where you are located. If you are in the Republic of Ireland, then you’ll be fine but anyone else will get blocked and refused access. Exactly the same thing happens on the other major broadcaster in Ireland – RTE, outside Ireland you won’t get access normally. In order to access these sites and indeed anything on the internet that blocks based on your location, you simply need to hide your IP address and present an address that is based in the location required. So in this video you can see, that connecting through an Ireland proxy server will gain you access to the 3Player content.

This video entitled Watch TV3 Online, actually runs through how you can route your connection through an Irish VPN server and watch anything in Ireland. The software demonstrated is called Identity Cloaker and works on most platforms although the software version demonstrated is running on a Windows PC. It actually allows access to a network of servers all across the world, this means that you can switch country when you need. So for example, if you were based in Spain you could connect through a British server to watch UK TV, then use an Irish server to access RTE and 3Player.

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  1. Can I use it to get UK and US TV stations as well if I change countries. If I understand it correctly I can get a UK or US IP address by selecting those countries instead of Ireland – is that right?

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