Using a Polish Proxy Server to Watch TVN Player

Do you need to access a Polish only TV site? Where I live in the UK there’s a large Polish community, which was established in the second world war. Consequently I have lots of Polish friends and acquaintances, who live nearby. Wherever you go you’ll see specialized satellite dishes on houses which people use to access TV stations in Poland. However most of these stations are also available online also.

Polish Proxy Server

Unfortunately there is a problem, just like the majority of media sites – most stations are only accessible online when you’re in the same country. So if you try and access TVN Player, a popular Polish TV station over the internet you’ll get blocked.

It’s  not unusual, in fact I don’t think there are any large media sites which don’t operate these sorts of restrictions.  It’s mainly due to the fact that copyright laws and restrictions haven’t really kept up with the internet age and most things are licensed on a country by country basis.

Using a Polish Proxy Server

Anyway it’s quite simple to circumvent this problem if you have the right tools! Here’s a video showing the process of bypassing TVN Player’s blocks by using a Polish proxy server.   Remember that’s all you need to do, just get Polish IP address instead of the local one and you’ll get access.

What happens is that instead of the website seeing a British IP address when you use a Poland proxy server then you will have a Polish IP address instead. When you switch off the application you’ll revert to the UK (or whichever country you’re connecting from).   That’s all you need to do, and the software can effectively switch between countries as required.  Unfortunately there’s no real way to do this without cost anymore, none of the free polish proxy sites work anymore as they are blocked automatically.  You need something that can’t be detected and there’s no free Polish VPN service available that is fast enough to stream video properly.  Although you could possibly use one to download programmes for watching offline, I’m not sure if TVN offer this feature currently but it’s worth checking.

If you’re technically minded there’s always the option of renting your own server or webspace.  If  you use a Polish web hosting company that could assign a Poland IP address, all you’d need to do is make a remote connection through this.  The cost would be a little more than using a dedicated VPN service but you’d get the advantage of your own server. Whichever option you choose, either the VPN subscription
or installing your own service then it’s also a lot safer than trying to find a free Polish IP address too. This is because any ‘free service’ is either going to be based on a hacked server which will put your personal details at risk or will install adware to try and recoup the costs of the service. Either option is fraught with risks as well as being extremely unreliable.

As far as Identity Cloaker goes, there’s much more to this tool, simply because it offers much more than access to a single Polish proxy server site.  There are servers located all over the world so you can use any of these wherever you are, it opens up a lot more than just TVN player or the other major Polish sites.   You can use it to access lots of US only content, plus when travelling switch to a UK server to access the BBC and other UK TV channels.

As you can see it only takes seconds to switch your location using IDC , which effectively frees up the internet from filters, blocks and restrictions. If you do use it, remember to turn on the encryption when using any unknown connection such as a hotel, airport or cafe wireless connection. It’s especially important when connecting to important sites like banking,paypal and webmail for example.

The servers are very fast and use a compression algorithm so it’s unlikely you’ll see much of a performance impact. If you do, try turning off the encryption as it does add a slight overhead and it’s not that important when you’re streaming video for security.

Give it a go – here’s the cheap trial

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