From a Russian (Proxy) With Love

I’d noticed that my favorite security program Identity Cloaker has recently introduced a range of Russian proxies for us all to use. So just to clarify when you’re using these servers your IP address is listed as being from Russia, and any web site which looks up your location (which the majority do) will be told you’re based in Moscow.

So why do people want to route their traffic through Russia? Well for a start remember if you do use these servers, there are going to be some implications – for instance many spammers, hackers and other dodgy characters route their traffic through Russia. Because of this some web sites, forums and secure sites will often block access to Russian IP addresses, so accessibility isn’t going to be a great reason for using them.

My son pointed one great advantage, in that one of the games sites he uses is called Steam and charges different prices according to your location. It turns out that games purchased from places like Russia and South America are much cheaper than those from the US or Europe for example. So in theory you could connect up with your Russian IP address, buy the game and download it hence saving yourself some cash. I haven’t tried this though and I don’t know if you’d get your license key revoked or anything like that.

Anyway here’s the servers in action in this video announcing the Russian proxy

Other attractions are obviously the security, anyone who is concerned about privacy may prefer to route their connection through Russia safe from the democratic nations spying and internet monitoring programmes like PRISM. Although I’d steer clear of free Russian proxies because of the high risk of criminal usage and issues.