Where Can I Find a Fast Free VPN – Hola perhaps?

It sounds a reasonable question at first – a fast free vpn, after all this is the internet and there’s always loads of free stuff around.  However there is a problem and if you think about it, then it’s quite obvious.  First of all a quick definition, VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network and although it has rather a wide meaning – basically in the context of this article it’s an encrypted tunnel between two computers across the internet.

One of those computers will be your PC, laptop or tablet – the other will be a specially configured server that manages that connection.  It’s commonly used for secure access, most companies use VPNs to allow remote workers access to their corporate network safely.   This is because it allows them to control access to outside computers and ensures that all data is protected and encrypted.   It’s important the VPN server is securely configured as it is used to relay all the data from a connection.  The speed, security and safety of a VPN is heavily dependent on the VPN server itself – in fact a badly configured server is actually worse than using nothing at all.


However most individuals use VPNs on their personal computers for different reasons, most commonly to access popular media sites.  Most of the web’s best media sites like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ITV, HBO and Netflix operate restrictions based on your location.  So to access the BBC online from outside the United Kingdom you’ll need to route your internet connection through a UK based VPN server.  The same principle applies for Hulu, US Netflix or HBO but here you must use a USA based VPN, for German TV a German proxy and so on – which is why so many people are desperate to find them.

So Where Can I find a Fast Free VPN Server

Well the simple answer is you can’t, simply because a fast VPN server costs an awful lot of money to run.  First they need dedicated support staff, high specification hardware and lots of fast bandwidth all of which is very expensive.  SO any ‘free VPN’ you do find will need to make money some way in order to meet these costs.

How do they make money?  Well traditionally most insert adverts into your browsing, which earn them money.  Some insert affiliate links too, typically to places like Amazon where they can earn commission if you click through and buy something.  However there are more sinister ways to make money too, and a perfect but disturbing example has come from Hola – a free VPN/proxy service with something like 45 million users.

What they have done is to basically use the connections of all ‘free’ users of their software in a private ‘botnet’.   Any user is essentially a node on their own private network, where internet traffic can be relayed through their internet connections.   These connections are resold on a private security network called Illuminati where users can pay to hide their real location.  Which effectively means Hola users could be relaying all sort of illegal activity through their home computers, which can be tracked back to them.

Using Hola is like installing a virus or malware on your own computer.  Not only are they stealing your bandwidth but you could very well be relaying all sorts of illegal traffic through your home PC.

There is no such thing as a Free VPN server and if you’re using Hola you should remove it now !!

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