Speeding Up Your Connection, Using New Proxies

Most people who use new proxies wonder how much it’s going to slow down their connection.  They’re probably trying to visit a website without being logged or downloading from a website that’s blocked in their country and just need a British IP address.   Most people also associate proxies with the free overloaded ones you can get online – so  they presume all proxy servers run at one speed – very, very slow.

But this isn’t always the case, a well configured, well maintained and secure proxy running on a fast server will rarely slow your connection down at all.  In fact some of the more sophisticated security programs can actually speed up your connection considerably.

Here’s the feature in my favorite security program – Identity Cloaker

optimize proxy speed
How to Increase Download Speed Using Proxy

As I hope you can see all you need to do is to enable the ‘optimize speed in non-enc mode‘.  Non-enc refers to when Identity Cloaker is running in Non-encrypted mode which you can enable/disable from the main screen here.

Boost Speed by Disabling Encryption
Boost Speed by Disabling Encryption

To disable encryption you merely slide the button down to the left hand side and select ‘None’.   This means that your connection is still routed through  the server and country you select but Identity Cloaker doesn’t encrypt your data by default.

When the connection is decrypted and the above setting selected, the program will attempt to open multiple connections and stream your data across all of them.

Why Would I Use Non-Encrypted Mode?

Well if you’re using something like Identity Cloaker in a benign environment – perhaps a UK resident trying to access Hulu, or somebody just wanting to watch the BBC Iplayer from outside the UK to download and watch videos then there’s no real need to encrypt all your data.  There’s little need to encrypt a video stream of the latest episode of The Simpsons and as encryption has some slight overhead it makes sense to turn it off in these situations.  In this mode Identity Cloaker is able to focus on optimizing the speed of your connection, which will be important if streaming video especially in HD.

The result in some situations can be very dramatic with very substantial speed boosts – however there are a lot of variables to this scenario.  Some people see incredible speed increases using the ‘optimize mode’ whilst others alas barely notice the difference.    There are also some ISPs who block this behavior in order to limit your download speed – BT seem to be doing this at the moment as if you browse using this optimize mode – you’ll get the message – “maximum number of connections reached”

You can find some more detailed information on this YouTube video.

If you need to boost the speed of your internet connection, want to access sites like Hulu, Pandora, Netflix and such like this mode is perfect.  However I urge you to try out the 10 day trial version first as the speed boost won’t work for you if your ISP is blocking multiple connections from the same device –