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Sometimes you don’t care what IP address you have as long as it’s different, a quick IP address changer is all you need. Many people who run websites and online businesses need to check things like rankings online using various tools. Unfortunately these tools usually need to make multiple requests to the search engines in order to work. There are some very professional research tools like Market Samurai, which have their own built in proxy servers which allow the tool to switch between different IP addresses when making these queries.

However these are invariably the exception rather than the rule, and mostly you have to try and switch your addresses yourself. Most people then usually plod down the proxies route either free ones scraped using a simple tool, or a subscription that gives you a few proxies to use privately. The free ones are more trouble than they’re worth. You can scrape a list of a few hundred supposedly working, fast proxies then ten minutes later 20% of them stop working, another 20% slow to a crawl, a few hours later and you’ve got to start all over again. Believe me life is too short to spend it searching for these, using them provides little benefit and it you think they genuinely keep you anonymous then you’re mistaken – read this blog – http://www.anonymous-proxies.org/

The private ones also can be hard work simply because you don’t have enough of them – invariably you need hundreds of proxies to run these programs like SEO checkers for any length of time. But buying hundreds of proxies can get very expensive and you’ll quickly burn these out with some of the SEO tools especially ones designed to be run 24/7.

A Quick IP Address Changer

So What you need is something that can quickly and simply rotate the IP addresses at your disposal. This means that you can still use fast proxies and you don’t need so many IP addresses to allow these programs to function. Here’s the feature in Identity Cloaker that allows you to do this –

IP Address Switcher

This is extremely useful, it means that you can switch between IP address every minute you like which allows all these tools and queries to work perfectly. The change happens in the background and used on a windows server, a VPS or a desktop computer there will be no interruption. ┬áBut of course the option you choose is dependent on your requirements – this video explains some others ;

The decision is also dependent on locations, which can usually affect the price and availability of any proxies. The US and the UK are probably the cheapest, where as places like South Africa and Australia tend to be more expensive simply because bandwidth costs are very much higher that mainland Europe. So we can see what is the best proxy program is not an easy question to answer, which is very much reliant on what you’re looking for.

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    • It depends on what you’re doing. There is a slight stutter when the connection switches to a new server yes. If you’re running an automated tool that will simply just keep running though and you shouldn’t notice it much, unless it has some sort of error checking which notices the switched connection. You should not switch your connection if your using SSL based sites like home banking or watching video streams and things like that as this will likely log you off. For best speed you should select the option in Identity Cloaker to switch between servers near to you, which generally means they are faster. You can have your connection switching every 5 minutes between local based servers and you’ll barely notice the difference (way more secure though!) – your browsing is switched between multiple servers who don’t log your activity!

  1. Does switching your IP address like this increase your privacy? I kind of think it would but not entirely sure.

    • Yes it does niki. If you think about it firstly it hides the footprint and the fact you’re using a proxy – because all your traffic won’t be routed through a single IP address. Also routing your connection through multiple countries means that your connection isn’t logged on a single server. Although no data is logged on any of the Identity Cloaker servers anyway so perhaps that’s a moot point.

  2. Would this allow me to switch between US and UK IP addresses when needed. I use certain advertising sites and you have to be based in that location to use them, I have the accounts but need the IP addresses to post adverts. I might need to switch every hour or so – is that feasible?

    • Yes if you use Identity Cloaker that is no problem. Just leave it in the task bar and click on the different country whenever you need it, it’s best to restart your browser between each change. You can get it to switch automatically if you prefer but that can get a little confusing.

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