Get your Brexit News from the BBC

The BBC is highly regarded as one of the most prestigious news agencies in the world.  So if you want to see decent coverage of the ongoing chaos that forms UK politics at the moment, then it’s a very good place to start.  There has been some criticism that the BBC has been showing some pro-European bias with regards to Brexit although that does seem slightly unfair.  For example a recent pro-Euro rally held in the streets of London with over 100,000 people didn’t even get a mention on any of the daily news shows.

Unfortunately though, the BBC and it’s news broadcasts are actually only accessible to people who are UK based.  This is because the website checks your physical location from your IP address as you connect to the site.  The following video explains what happens and what you can do.

As you can see, as soon as you change your address to a UK registered one then the whole BBC site becomes accessible through this BBC VPN. It’s fantastic for those of us who travel a lot and for anyone the BBC represents some of the best TV broadcasting in the world. When you’ve finished watching the BBC (or any other UK TV station), you simply disconnect and your internet connection will revert to normal.

Incidentally it’s worth checking out the other countries servers too, try using Netflix when connected to a US based server. You’ll get redirected to the US version of Netflix which is way better than the german or UK versions with thousands more films and movies.

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