A German Proxy Server – How to Get One

So why would anyone want such a thing, why would anyone need a German proxy server?  The reason is that if you have access to such a server then you are able to change your computer to have a different IP address.   This basically ensures that any website you visit will consider your location to be in Germany, and for many sites this makes a huge difference in what you can see.

Here’s a simple demonstration of how your IP address will affect what you see online.  When I’m in the United Kingdom and using a British IP address, this is the version of Google that I see when I fire up a web browser.


Now I am going to use a program called Overplay to change my IP address to a German one, like this – simply by selecting one of the German based proxies from their list.

german proxy

From this point I now appear to be somewhere in Germany, simply because of the IP address I have been assigned.  You can see now if I start up my browser and go to Google it will redirect me to the German version of the search engine.  This is because while I am connected to the German proxy server then all my traffic is routed through this server – Google doesn’t speak directly to my PC any more.  The relative speeds to different countries will vary greatly depending on your location – you should use the fastest proxy available in the country you require.

German Address

It’s really that straight forward and in my opinion, having the ability to switch and mask your IP address is becoming more and more important. We’ve mentioned Overplay here, but there’s another extremely sophisticated program called Identity Cloaker which has a vast array of features including the ability to encrypt individual applications and even specific browsers. Here is a video uploaded to Youtube demonstrating how to use German Proxy Server

So Why Would I Want a German Proxy Address?

Which is great, but why would I specifically want the ability to switch to an address in a different country like this?  Well the main reason is that many German based sites are only accessible to those people based in Germany itself.  Many  TV stations, big media channels like Zattoo, Das Erste, Arte or even  Sky TV can only be viewed by people with a German IP address.  It’s kind of like requiring you have a Berlin postal code, before allowing you access,  it would never bother someone actually living in Germany.

However imagine you are a businessman from Berlin travelling abroad or perhaps a student studying in a different country – all your familiar home channels would be blocked to you by default. Perhaps you are an Expat living away from Germany and wanted to access the German DSF channel.  There are loads of reasons and by using a  proxy server like this then you can gain access from anywhere.

If you do need to get yourself a German IP address, I can definitely recommend the company Overplay, they have a huge range of different servers across the world all included in the same subscription – useful for watching different sites in the USA and UK for example.  The software is very easy to use and the cost is much cheaper than most other  proxy/VPN servers.

Updated – 19/11/2017

Further Reading

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11 thoughts on “A German Proxy Server – How to Get One

  1. HI Cansan,
    Well you’re right to check as watching video of any sort – speed is essential. All I can say is that the Overplay servers are generally fast and not overloaded. However the best advice is to sign up for a short trial or email them and ask for a test. If you are not bothered about security – try the Smart DNS only account as that will not affect speed at all (and it’s cheaper!!) – but you need to check as it doesn’t fool all the media sites.

  2. In the picture above, I can see some other countries. Are these included in the subscription or do you pay extra?

    • They’re all included, they have servers in about 40 countries I think. Although I’m not quite sure how many people would want a Ukrainian or Bahamas IP address though….

  3. So I just click the server that I want and then I’ll have that IP address? Is that correct???

  4. Yep Jeterettark, that’s pretty much it. Choose a german server and you’ll get a German IP, a US one and you’ll have an American address and so on……disconnect when you’ve finished and you’ll revert back to your own.

  5. …In the graphic above, the Hong Kong server looks quite slow. Is there a way to check the speed of the specific server before you sign up?

  6. Hi Mifeestidge,
    The results will be different for everyone and depend on a variety of factors including your location and ISP. The screenshot was taken from a UK connection so the link to the Hong Kong server will be slower. The best way to check is to take a months subscription and try them out.

    If speed is your overriding priority then the best option is to use the Smart DNS services which will not affect your speed at all. Although it’s not as secure and will not work with all geo restricted content, it’s worth considering.

    Hope that helps.

  7. So am I right in thinking I’ll get German search results and redirected to German versions of sites like Amazon when connected?

  8. Hi Michael,

    Yes you will because it will appear to every site you visit that you have a German IP address. When you disconnect it will go back to your actual location.

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