Free or Paid the VPN Dilemma

We all like free stuff, life can get pretty expensive and the internet usually offers a way to trim a few pennies or cut a few corners. Unfortunately in some cases this can backfire badly and taking the free option with regards to online VPNs is one of those situations.

Firstly when looking for free options for protecting your internet connection and/or bypassing the region blocks that are becoming pervasive online – forget about proxies. THey’re time is pretty much gone in these areas, they were never very secure – apart from a few very expensive ones. Secondly they no longer work for bypassing region locks, almost all media sites now detect and block them with ease. Sure you can still find plenty of free proxies online but there’s no point using them, at best they won’t work and worst you’ll be funnelling all you data through a server controlled by a bunch of identity thieves.

You can’t even watch the BBC now online with a proxy, you’ll need a UK VPN like this to watch the BBC. Seriously stay away from free proxies it’s all risk with no benefit. Which comes to the crux of the matter, with regards using paid or free VPN services – sure there’s always free stuff available online but what’s in it for the owner?

Remember a VPN service is not like a pirated game or a ripped DVD posted online anonymously. It costs money to run a VPN server – bandwidth costs, hardware, support staff and of legal/administrative costs of running these services. If you don’t charge for these then you’re effectively paying thousands to run it for free, and why would anyone do this? Clearly no one does, if you use a free service they have to make money out of you someway. Here is a quick summary of the advantages of a decent┬áVPN service-

The solution is that you become the product not the VPN service. In order to pay all the costs, you will either be subject to lots of advertising injected into your browsing and internet use (simple to do). Or your internet connection itself will be used, hidden in the terms of conditions of ‘free VPNs’ like Hola is an agreement to let them resell your internet connection whilst you are connected. So while you browse through their service watch Netflix, unknown people will be using their paid service to browse anonymously using your connection and IP address.

Scared? Well you should be imagine inviting a bunch of strangers in to use your internet connection completely anonymously – can you imagine the weirdos you’d get!! Remember anything downloaded would be logged to your IP address. If you’re going to use a free VPN I’d seriously suggest the hassle of advertising and spam inserted into your computer to be a more sensible option than letting a bunch of strangers download porn through your internet connection. Be safe, be sensible and try this solution – UK VPN free trial, at least you see what you’re going to get.

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