Can You Find Good, Free Proxy Online

It’s of course a recurring them on the internet, many people are concerned with security, privacy and internet filtering so spend a lot of time searching for solutions.  However inexplicably people seem to think they can find these solutions in a free proxy online.   Just think about it to provide a free proxy – you need to create the following:

  • A high powered server connected to the internet.
  • Support people to keep it both secure and online.
  • Someone to pay all the bandwidth costs (a lot!) of the server
  • Allow everyone to use it for nothing.

Why would anyone would do this?  Why would they pay huge amounts of money, spend their own time – simply for thousands of strangers to bypass internet blocks, surf porn at school or simply mess around on Facebook at work.  Of course there is no logical reason that they would, and in fact even the free proxy servers are not in fact free?  Just watch this video for a quick intro.

The price you pay for using free proxies or VPNs is one of the following:

  • Some form of adware or advertisements injected into your browsing.
  • Risk of Nastier stuff like spyware or trojans or the proxy itself stealing your personal information.

People don’t like to believe it, because obviously they want to use something for free.    Ultimately it’s for every one to decide for themselves, but you should certainly be very careful using any free resources which take control of all the information you transmit online (which is what a proxy does).   The reality is that for bypassing region blocks, then using any sort of proxy no longer works – using a free proxy means you’ll get all the risk and no benefit.

2 thoughts on “Can You Find Good, Free Proxy Online

  1. Do these free proxies work for any of the media sites? I have a Netflix subscription but would like to use the US site instead as I’ve heard it’s much better than the French one.

    • This post was written quite a while ago and even then these free proxies were of dubious value. As of today unfortunately they’re pretty much useless and are simply not worth the risk of even trying to use. Netflix USA is indeed fantastic and much better than all the other versions, it’s much bigger than the UK site for instance. Unfortunately Netflix is very aggressive at blocking access from different countries, no proxies will work and 99% of VPNs are now blocked. You need a VPN service which has US servers but crucially US residential IP addresses as Netflix blocks all commercial addresses, you can use Identity Cloaker (link in sidebar) which has US residential IP addresses just for Netflix or search for services which include these addresses (they are generally more expensive though.)

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