How to Get a British IP Address

Lot’s of people arrive at this site asking this question, how can they change their IP address to a British one.   Mostly it’s Ex-Pats or people who just have some connection with the UK, or simply want to do something like watching the BBC Iplayer abroad.

The reason is that although the internet used to be pretty much open and standard for everyone, that is changing all the time.  Wherever you are based I am sure you’ve been presented somewhere with a message saying ‘sorry you can’t watch’  or ‘not available in your country’  – it happens to all of us wherever we are based.  Of course it happens a lot more if you’re in a country like China or Thailand who heavily censor the internet, but you’ll still get blocked by companies even if you’re based in Britain, France or the USA.

Anyway  this post is specifically about how people can  get a British IP address so I’ll focus on that.  The IP address is the number assigned to you when you connect to the internet,  it’s unique to you and can be used to identify you and your location.  This is what a site like Hulu, or the BBC do when you first connect to their sites – check the location of your IP address.

Here’s what happens if I try and watch the new Stargazing programme on BBC Iplayer –

How to get a British IP Address

 You’ll just get this message, whether you’re in the US, Spain, Japan or Canada it doesn’t matter.  If you’re not in the UK you won’t have been assigned a British address when you connected.  This is the same thing that happens when you get a message from YouTube about the content not being available in your country – it’s checking your location and deciding what you can see.

But now a small confession, at the moment I am actually in the UK and I’ve tricked the BBC Iplayer application to believing I’m in France.  It’s just for demonstration to show that it is perfectly possible to control your IP address and surf completely unrestricted.

Here’s how – fortunately it’s perfectly possible to cloak your real IP address and show the site your visiting a completely different one.  You basically connect to the web through an intermediary, or specifically a proxy server – when you connect to a site, the IP address presented is that of the server.  So if you use a French proxy you’ll have a French IP address, a US proxy will give you an American address, a German proxy a German address  and of course a British proxies will give you a British IP address.

Because this opens up so many different web sites a mini-industry has been created with applications that allow you to connect to a network of private proxies which allow you to control your IP address.  Here’s the very best of them – a program called Identity Cloaker.

Hopefully you can see from this screen shot, that the software allows you to connect to any number of proxy servers based all over the world – From Australia, USA, Canada, France and of course the United Kingdom and many, many more.

You simply click and select the country you wish to appear from, a huge list of fake identities to hide your real location.  It’s all perfectly safe and legal you’re merely hiding details of your connection from the website you are visiting.  In the screenshot here – I’ve got a German IP address to watch a site that streams some great films but is only available in Germany.

To watch  the BBC Iplayer, if you’re not in the UK then you’d simply select one of the British proxies, it’s actually one of the most popular uses of Identity Cloaker and why they have a huge number of British servers !  Basically when you connect through these servers you will effectively appear to be from a UK IP address range. Even crossing the border makes a difference, which is why lots of people use it to watch BBC iPlayer In Ireland too.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by some online blocks then this is your solution.  It’s the most sophisticated  yet utterly simple to use and has by far the fastest proxies available.

The trial version lasts ten days and doesn’t automatically rebill you like many such applications.   Best to test it out first  – believe me it opens up a huge number of websites that you may have been blocked from previously and doesn’t just include a British IP address there’s lots more countries you can use to watch US Netflix, Hulu and ABC for instance  – here’s the link for the  10 day trial of Identity Cloaker.

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5 thoughts on “How to Get a British IP Address

  1. Hi,
    There’s no real mention on the Identity Cloaker site about watching the BBC or Hulu. This would be my main reason for subscribing – will I get support for this if needed?

    • Hi a3br,
      It’s a good question, there is absolutely no mention on their website for a very good reason. It’s simply because it’s best to keep a low key approach to this function for a couple of reasons. The first is that the companies who specifically market the ability to watch the BBC or ITV or whatever, leave themselves open to legal action. You’ll see lots of companies who offer a service, but what you don’t see is all the ones that close and disappear as they’ve had legal threats from the BBC or another company (taking your 12 month subscription with them). Many of these companies are little more than a web site and a proxy service installed on a server – so will be instantly closed down by their host if legal letters start flying about.

      Even if they don’t get closed down, the technical teams at these channels can start blocking specific IP addresses which means their proxies will get blocked.

      It’s much safer to use a security program like Identity Cloaker or HMA which doesn’t plaster it’s site with pictures of the BBC and similar!

      But don’t worry Identity Cloaker are a proper company who’ve been around for many years and their support guys are full time and know lots about streaming video 😉

      hope this helps…

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